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Mental and structural changes in the arts sector based on equality, inclusiveness and UNESCO’s convention for cultural diversity

DCAI encourages and assists the cultural institutions and municipalities in Denmark to be inclusive of Denmark’s minoritiy groups from non-Danish speaking backgrounds.

This video is an excerpt of a key note speech, 'Reflections on the role, responsibility and significance of the cultural institutions in the democratic society', by Niels Righolt, held at the network-seminar 'Take pART' on 27 October 2011 at Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, in Denmark.

About the Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture
The goal of DCAI is to enable full and equal participation of individuals and communities from all origins in the continuing evolution and shaping of all aspects of Danish cultural life and to assist in the elimination of any barriers to such participation.

Cultural diversity
DCAI promotes cultural diversity by strengthening the capacity of cultural industries to produce and distribute goods and services and helping them gain access to domestic and international markets. 

The centre aims to cooperate with any organisations involved in the arts sector or other creative industries such as music venues, publishing companies, theatres, cinemas, multimedia producers, arts studios, museums, and traders in crafts and design.

DCAI supports initiatives that can make society as a whole benefit and take inspiration from the interchange of ideas and techniques among individual artists from diverse backgrounds.

Access to knowledge
DCAI’s approach encourages and aims to improve access to knowledge between cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue in the context of globalisation. DCAI (in Danish: CKI) has established and continuously expands a web portal for this purpose, currently only in Danish, at www.cki.dk.

Through activities such as seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings, DCAI gives special attention to building the capacities of stakeholders and decision-makers in the management of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.

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International conference: 'The Art of Scene Changing'

The Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture in cooperation with the strongest actors within the areas of new casting, inclusion and audience development in theatre, film and television, held an international conference in Copenhagen in the Danish Film Institute on 24–26 January 2011.

210 participants took part, coming from the Nordic countries, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and USA.
Information about the programme: www.cki.dk/conference

The conference’s profile on Facebook

For more information about our activities and publications, we refer to this
Google translation of the home page of DCAI.

At this point the home page, www.cki.dk, only exists in the Danish language.

VAT-no: DK33293240

DCAI / CKI • Norre Alle 7, 2nd floor • DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark
info@dcai.dk • Tel: (+45) 2343 8009 • www.dcai.dk

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 DCAI’s Charter for Cultural Diversity [PDF]

 A4-flyer about DCAI [PDF]

works with

• diversity and reflection of the population’s diversity in staff and leadership of cultural institutions and municipalities’ culture departments

• diversity in cultural programmes and strategies of state financed institutions and municipalities

• equal access to the arts scenes in Denmark

‘The Art of Scene Changing’, DCAI’s third conference, was held in Copenhagen on 24-26 January 2011.

Introduction and practical details:
 A4-flyer [PDF]

Programme of sessions:
 A4-flyer [PDF]

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Participant list:
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